Normanside Answers Wedding Questions in Metroland Bridal Guide

Normanside Country Club and other wedding professionals got the chance to talk about all things weddings in the Capital Region’s Metroland Bridal Guide.

Some of the topics discussed in the article touched on 2013 wedding trends, what almost all Bride & Groom’s ask (even some strange requests) and what we as a venue may caution them about!

Normanside Country Club on wedding trends:

Rustic-style weddings are one of the biggest trends.  We have made accommodations to have ideas available for brides to see how our venue, although it isn’t a barn, can bring in that style.

Chiavari chairs. They are one of the hottest trends out there. We chose to purchase the Chiavari chairs and include them in our packages as a service to the bride and groom. They are spending a lot of money on a lot of different things, why not make it so that renting chairs isn’t one of them? –

–David Hostig, Normanside Country Club, Delmar

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